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We are MWBE Certified

NWON is certified with the city of Philadelphia and the state of New Jersey as a 

Minority Women Business Enterprise

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Our Mission

NWON Opportunities provides job readiness and career preparedness workshops to help businesses meet their staffing needs and to build a skilled workforce.

Our service model

The NWON Opportunites training network is a one-stop-shop for job readiness strategies – everything from school-to-work initiatives and career exploration to community partnerships and targeted services for minorities, women, immigrants, mature workers and veterans.


Our team offers the best job readiness strategies to ensure that each candidate is not only committed to their job but also committed to performing the required work. NWON has also partnered with the Philadelphia Veteran’s Administration and the School District of Philadelphia to increase and enhance the job placement opportunities for Veterans and young adults. An NWON trained person understands the employer’s need for a good return on investment. At the completion of industry-related training with NWON, the result will be waged equal to or greater than the prevailing wage of persons with similar knowledge and experience.


The NWON Opportunites curriculum will help build the applicant’s capacity to respond to workforce and industry training needs. Career preparedness checklist of services including but not limited to the following:


  • Adult Basic Education

  • Digital Literacy Computer Classes

  • Interview Clothing in collaboration with Career wardrobe and Menzfit

  • Support for Drug and Alcohol and Stress Management

  • Assistance with legal documents required such as State identification and Social Security Cards

  • Connection to Higher Education in collaboration with Graduate Philadelphia

  • Community work readiness and career preparedness workshops

  • Customized training for high index industries that offer competitive and sustainable wages

  • Connection to work and job placement

  • Career Coaching

  •  Performance Counselling

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